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ICU Equipment

For patients undergoing heart problem, lung ailment or shortness of breathing, the use of Pulse Oximeter becomes a necessary device. This is an electronic device that measures the saturation of oxygen carried in red blood cells. The frequent measurement keeps the patients updated of his health conditions. In order to secure measurement, this device is attached to fingers, forehead, ears, nose, foot, or toes. A reading of 95% or higher is normal level of oxygen and this machine helps patients, especially during COVID-19 it became a mandatory device. You can search Ravi Bio Impex for the best quality Pulse Oximeter.
The Multi Parameter Monitor is an electronic machine that is used in hospitals for recording and displaying patients vitals on screen. It provides multiple information and helps the doctors know the patients health conditions for appropriate treatment. It is commonly used in intensive care units (ICUs) as well as in general wards to continuously monitor patients' health. The vitals vital parameters that this machine records are heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation (SPO2). This machine is highly useful in providing quality treatment. If you are looking for quality multi parameter monitor, you can contact Ravi Bio Impex.
A Defibrillator Machine is a medical device designed and manufactured for perform a very important function. It tends to analyse the heart rhythm and exerts an electric shock to patients on ventricular fibrillation so that their heart rhythm can be restored to normal. Ventricular fibrillation is the unhealthy heart rhythm that often leads to sudden heart attack. This is where this machine works to trigger ventricular fibrillation. Most often this machine is found in hospitals and clinics, people keep it at homes and public places as well to deal with serious cardiac arrest. Ravi Bio Impex offers the quality Defibrillator Machine for you.